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Otto Piene

director emeritus, Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT

Otto Piene was born in Westphalia, Germany in 1928, and attended the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, the Dusseldorf Academy of Fine Arts, and the University of Cologne, all in Germany. He is Director Emeritus of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. He currently lives and works in Groton, MA. Recent solo exhibitions of Mr. Piene's include Galerie Bode, Nuremberg, Germany; Cubus Kunsthalle, Duisburg, Germany; Halle 6 Galerie Christine Holzl, Dusseldorf, Germany; Galerie Terminus, Munich, Germany; Walter Storms Galerie, Munich, Germany; City Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic; Landmarke auf der Halde Rheinpreussen, Moers, Germany; Galerie Terminus, Munich, Germany. He has also participated in group exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States, at institutions in Dsseldorf, Germany, Bremen, Germany, the Netherlands, Bozen, Italy, Valencia, Spain, and New York City, to name but a small few. Mr. Piene created the ZERO Foundation in 2008 along with artists Gnther Uecker, Heinz Mack and Mattijs Visser. It holds the archives for the groundbreaking Group ZERO, founded in 1958 by Piene and Mack. Mr. Piene is a leading practitioner of Sky Art, an art movement that explores the sky as artistic medium. Photo courtesy of Heinz Mack. [Forum Network](http://forum-network.org/).