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Nancy Ostrovsky

visual artist

Nancy Ostrovsky was born in North Africa and lived in various countries in Asia. Her early influences in Asia permeate her work in a way that is uniquely original. Her paintings reflect some of the reflections of growing up in different Asian countries particularly Taiwan, the Philippines and Bangladesh. Living in these countries, left images and reflections about universal themes of human aloneness and human interactions that take place everywhere and in all cultures. Ostrovsky has been called "one of the pioneers of performance painting." Her "Paintings To Music" are done "live" while Ms. Ostrovsky is on stage with the musicians as they play. Ostrovsky uses the immediacy of the musicians, the music and environment to record the performance in a highly original and innovative contextOstrovsky has exhibited in Germany, New York, Boston, and California. Her work is included in many private collections and the painting from the concert featured here hangs in the WGBH Radio offices in Boston.