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Mitchell Joachim

MIT Media Laboratory

Mitchell Joachim is acknowledged as an innovator in ecological design and urban design. He is also a researcher and architectural educator. Mitchell Joachim's specific professional interest has been adapting principles of physical and social ecology to architecture, urban design, transport, and environmental planning. He is a Co-Founder at Terrefuge and Terreform ONE. Currently he is faculty at Columbia University and Parsons. Formerly an architect at Gehry Partners, and Pei Cobb Freed. He has been awarded the Moshe Safdie Research Fellowship, and the Martin Family Society Fellow for Sustainability. He won the History Channel and Infiniti Design Excellence Award for the City of the Future, and *Time Magazine* Best Invention of the Year 2007, for the MIT Car with MIT Smart Cities. His project, Fab Tree Hab, has been exhibited at MoMA and widely published. He was selected by *Wired magazine* for "The 2008 Smart List: 15 People the Next President Should Listen To". *Rolling Stone* *magazine* also honored Mitchell as an agent of change in "The 100 People Who Are Changing America".