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Milo Gringlas

Associate Program, Generatoion Citizen

Milo brings a rich background in youth empowerment and public advocacy to Generation Citizen. A former legislative advocate for the American Cancer Society and Students Against Nicotine, Milo voiced youth concerns at local, state and national levels of government, urging legislators to regulate Big Tobacco’s illicit marketing schemes and enact stronger public health policies. As democratic institutions and values – including access to issue-neutral civics education – have faced unprecedented assault in recent years, Milo championed social justice causes and uplifted the youth voice in democracy in his work for Senator Schumer and Big Brothers Big Sisters. In his role as Associate, Program in New York, he aspires to spread the importance of civic action to the next generation of leaders, hoping they hone that practice in pursuit of a more equitable and inclusive America. Milo is a recent graduate of Cornell University, where he studied history and government. At GC, Milo assists our program managers to expand partnerships throughout New York, connect policymakers with students, and ensure our Action Civics curriculum is implemented smoothly in classrooms. Outside of the office, Milo loves going to museums, talking endlessly about college football and American politics, adventuring with friends, and playing tennis.