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Michael Wilson

Ambassador to the US, Canada

Michael Wilson assumed his responsibilities as Ambassador on March 13, 2006, becoming the 22nd representative of Canada to the United States. Prior to taking up his current position in Washington, Ambassador Wilson was Chairman of UBS Canada, an operating division of UBS AG, one of the world's leading financial institutions where he oversaw all UBS operations in Canada. In 1979, Ambassador Wilson was elected to the House of Commons. In September,1984 he was appointed Minister of Finance and remained in that position until May 1991. He then became Minister of Industry, Science and Technology and Minister for International Trade. During his tenure as a member of the Cabinet, Ambassador Wilson represented Canada at the IMF, IBRD, OECD, GATT and the G-7 Ministers meetings. Ambassador Wilson is active in a number of professional and community organizations including the NeuroScience Canada Partnership, The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships and the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance. Mr. Wilson is an Officer of the Order of Canada, and has honorary degrees from the University of Toronto and York University.