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Michael Lebowitz

prosecutor, Office of Military Commissions, Guantanamo Bay

Prior to joining Greenberg & Lieberman, Mike Lebowitz already was recognized as an award-winning international journalist. Among other writing credits, he was a weekly columnist for the Jerusalem Post and a reporter for the News-Herald in Cleveland. Mike also was a legal consultant in East Africa where he focused on media law and judicial reform. In 2005-2006, he served in Iraq as a paratrooper with the elite Pathfinder Company of the 101st Airborne Division. Mike was recognized and decorated by the command for his direct role in capturing high-value individuals throughout Iraq that included foreign fighters, insurgents, terrorist masterminds and financiers. Currently, Mike is a JAG officer with the Virginia Army National Guard. In that capacity, he is a defense counsel for the 29th Infantry Division where he provides legal assistance to those enlisted soldiers and officers subject to adverse action. He also helps advise the command, negotiates agreements and provides confidential legal assistance to any service member. Mike's civilian practice is dedicated to his work at Greenberg & Lieberman. While at the firm, Mike has engaged in some high-profile military defense cases. He is recognized as an authority on the subject of military expression, and has been quoted in numerous media outlets including the Washington Post, CNN and USA Today. He also has testified to separate US House and Senate hearings as a legal expert. In addition, Mike has aided in the prosecution of numerous patent applications, provided intellectual property counsel for both start-up and established businesses and been involved in litigation with such heavyweights as Nike and Microsoft. In the community, Mike is an advocate for veterans' rights. He also provides pro bono legal services for the Student Press Law Center and regularly conducts client intake with the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless.