What matters to you.

Mary B. (Honey B.) Morrison


Why I love writing erotica. Born in Aurora, Illinois, reared in New Orleans, Louisiana, throughout high school I was very shy and extremely curious about many things in life. English was my favorite subject and experiencing my first orgasm was my greatest discovery about my body. Writing allowed me to express what I would not say. Having sex at the age of 14, I desperately wanted someone to love me. It's not funny, rather strange, because at that time I didn't know the meaning of love. Love is a noun. It's a thing. How does one find and when does one lose . . . love? I got pregnant at 14, miscarried at 15, and experienced my first orgasm at 16. From our front door, through our shotgun home to the back door, no one, and I mean no one ever whispered let alone spoke openly about sex or love. So I had to figure out on my own what this phenomenon folks were raving about meant to me. Relationship 101 or should I say, "One on one?" I married at 21, gave birth to our son at 22, separated at 23, and divorced at 24. Like growing up in that shotgun house at 2118 Second Street in New Orleans, I journeyed a parallel path that didn't require me think about which door to open or shut. Having my son gave me someone to unconditionally love . . . eternally. I met my soul mate when I was 24 and we dated for I say 5 he says 7 years. It probably felt like 7 years to him. After we parted I decided to write a novel inspired by but not based upon our relationship. Seven years would pass before I wrote, Soul Mates Dissipate under my birth name, Mary B. Morrison. The juxtaposed dichotomy of love and sex intrigues me. In my writings you will find love or the lack there of is the underlying motivation for my characters' rational and moreso irrational behavior. I earned an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Vista (now Berkeley) Community College and I've worked 18 years for the government (14 of those years for Housing and Urban Development). I was a GS-14 with a non-competitive GS-15. Translating that to dollars that made sense, I earned nearly six-figures when I resigned on June 3, 2000, withdrew my retirement, self-publish Soul Mates Dissipate, and am excited about doing my first movie. God is great and I am truly grateful . . . for you. Thanks for supporting me. I mean that from my heart to yours. Sexcapades is my ninth novel and my first erotica book published under my pen name, HoneyB. Between the pages, the lines, the lies, and lives of each character, I hope you'll find love.