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Marty Appel

former PR director, New York Yankees

Martin E. Appel is an American public relations executive and author. He was named PR Director of the New York Yankees in 1973 after beginning his tenure with the team handling fan mail for Mickey Mantle. After nine years with the Yankees, under both CBS and Steinbrenner ownership, Appel went on to direct public relations for Tribune Broadcasting’s WPIX in New York and to serve as the Yankees Executive Producer concurrently. He later directed public relations for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games and the Topps Company before opening his own agency. Appel has written 18 books, including a biography of King Kelly, and children's biographies of Yogi Berra and Joe DiMaggio. He has ghost-written books for Eric Gregg, Larry King, Bowie Kuhn, Lee MacPhail, Thurman Munson, and Tom Seaver, and wrote a biography of Munson published in 2009. He has also contributed to a variety of publications, including Sports Collectors Digest, Yankees Magazine and Encyclopedia Americana. He is president of Marty Appel Public Relations, New York based PR firm specializing in sports, and is married to Lourdes Appel. He has two children from an earlier marriage.