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Marty Aikens

business agent, renewable energy, IBEW

Marty is a lifelong resident of Quincy, MA. He has been a member of the Quincy Board of Appeals since 2004, and will be completing his second year as Chairman in February. He also sits on several state boards and commissions related to his expertise in renewable energy. Marty cares deeply about the environment and hopes to be able to spread that message throughout Quincy. In fact, Marty has installed solar panels on his Houghs Neck home and has been called a "Green Hero" for installing the regions first wind turbine. You have probably seen it, the huge "windmill" owned by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers just off of Route 93 in Boston. Marty wants to be a leader in advancing good jobs in Quincy with an idea to promote Quincy residents. He believes the Council should be working tirelessly with the Mayor to control costs and get the best possible services out of every dollar spent.