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Margaret M. Gullette

writer, resident scholar, Brandeis

Margaret Morganroth Gullette is a cultural critic and prize-winning writer of nonfiction, an internationally known age critic, essayist, and activist. Her latest book, *Aged by Culture*, was chosen as a Noteworthy Book of the Year by the *Christian Science Monitor*. *Declining to Decline: Cultural Combat and the Politics of the Midlife* won the Emily Toth Award as the best feminist book on American popular culture. Margaret's focus on the midlife (the Midlife Fictions series) has expanded to become Age Studies. Age studies from childhood on can be as powerful as studies of gender or race in empowering people to challenge American age culture. Margaret has written for* N.Y. Times*, *Ms., Nation*, *Boston Globe*, *American Scholar*, *American Prospect*, womensenews.org; Feminist Studies, *Representations*, *Journal of the History of Sexuality*; she has appeared on *Brian Lehrer*, *The Connection*, WBAI, *To the Best of Our Knowledge*, *CultureShocks*. A recipient of NEH, ACLS, and Bunting Fellowships, she is a member of PEN-America. Her work is cited by scholars and journalists and used in courses. In Nicaragua, her work has helped hundreds of adults to become literate and go on to secondary education.