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Marc Selverstone

associate professor, Presidential Recordings, University of Virginia

Marc Selverstone is an associate professor with the Presidential Recordings Program at the University of Virginia's Miller Center. He joined the Miller Center in November 2000 after receiving his PhD in US Foreign Relations from Ohio University. Previously, he received a masters degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. His interests include US foreign relations post-1945, the culture of the Cold War, and the Vietnam War. He is author of *Constructing the Monolith: The United States, Great Britain, and International Communism, 1945--1950* (Harvard University Press, 2009), and *The Kennedy Withdrawal: Camelot and the American Commitment to Vietnam* (Harvard University Press, under contract). At the Miller Center, his work focuses on the recordings of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, with a special emphasis on their foreign policy, particularly that involving Vietnam. He is the former executive editor of AmericanPresident.org and currently directs the PRP's Digital Classroom Initiative, a teacher-dedicated portal for the Miller Center's White House Tapes web site. He works regularly with secondary school teachers to incorporate the presidential recordings into their classroom activities.