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Lior Navok


The music of Lior Navok emerges from reflections on nature and humankind. Described by the Boston Globe as "colorful, haunting, accomplished and exciting", Navok's music takes listeners into revealing journeys through sound. With a work-catalog spanning more than sixty works for stage music, orchestral music, chamber music, choral music, vocal music and solo, Navok has earned his place as one of the most innovative, fresh and communicative composers of the younger generation. Contemporary classical music develops into an emotional experience rather than an intellectual one. Navok has spent many years in Boston, Paris as well as Berlin, and Israel - his native land. Lior Navok has been commissioned by classical music performers, soloists, conductors, ensembles and orchestras throughout the world, bringing his music to venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York. Some of his past collaborations include the Philharmonie Hannover NDR, Israel Philharmonic, The Borromeo String Quartet, Rascher Saxophone Quartet among many others.