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Leslie Bennetts

writer, reporter

Leslie Bennetts has been a contributing editor at *Vanity Fair* since 1988, writing on subjects that have ranged from movie stars to priest pedophilia, industrial pollution and U.S. anti-terrorism policy. Her 2005 cover story on Jennifer Aniston was the best-selling issue in the magazines history to date, and the *People* magazine cover story about Bennetts interview with Aniston was the best-selling issue in the history of *People*. Prior to joining *Vanity Fair,* Bennetts spent fifteen years as a newspaper reporter. She started covering so-called womens issues at *The Philadelphia Bulletin* in the early 1970s, and has continued to write about women, marriage, families and parenting ever since. After five years at *The Bulletin*, where she won many awards for writing and reporting, Bennetts moved to *The New York Times*.