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Lee Strasberg

actor, acting instructor

Lee Strasberg, born Israel Lee Strassberg, was an actor, director, producer and most importantly acting instructor and teacher. He was born in what is now known as Budaniv, Ukraine on November 17, 1901. His family later immigrated to New York and he later became a naturalised citizen of the United States. During his lifetime he joined with Harold Clurman to form the Group Theater in 1931, it lasted till about 1941. Through the Actors Studio formed sometime in 1947 he trained a large number of film personalities including Marlin Brando, Eli Wallach, Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, Robert DeNiro, James Dean, Patricia Neal and several others. He appeared in front of the camera just 7 times. Of these his most famous role was of 'Hyman Roth' played in the film *The Godfather II*, in which he portrays an elderly Jewish mob boss. Strasberg, died in February 1982.