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Lawrence Scripp

chair, music education, NEC of Music

Larry Scripp, Ed.D., is an accomplished educator, researcher, and administrator in music. As a musician, Dr. Scripp has composed many works in the past for musical theater, modern dance, film, and children's animation, and directed a variety of community orchestras and contemporary performing groups in the Boston area. As a research scholar and consultant for arts in education in the past, he has investigated artistic development in children at Harvard Project Zero from 1982-1994 and assessment of arts and general education programs from 1985 to 1995. He has designed and carried out research studies investigating young children's symbolic development, musical perception, musical representation, giftedness, and the development of computer-supported curricula in the arts and humanities. Much of his past research focused on developing 'authentic' measures of students' learning and development in the arts. Since serving as a senior faculty member of undergraduate theoretical studies since 1985, Larry Scripp published several articles (with Lyle Davidson and Alan Fletcher) on the teaching of sight singing in the *Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy* and in books on music learning and giftedness.