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Laurance Dahéron

research fellow, George Daley's laboratory

Dr. Laurence Dahron earned a master's degree in cell biology from the University of Rennes (France), and a PhD from the University of Poitiers (France). As a post-doctoral fellow, she studied chronic myelogenous leukemia in Dr. Calabrettas lab, at Jefferson University, Philadelphia (USA). In 2001, Dr. Dahron joined Dr. George Daleys lab at the Whitehead Institute, MIT, Boston, a pioneer in Human embryonic stem cell research. There, she studied the molecular mechanisms of human embryonic stem cell self-renewal. In 2006, Dr. Dahron moved to the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Technology at Massachusetts General Hospital to launch a hESC core facility. In July 2008, Dr. Dahron was appointed director of the new Harvard Stem Cell Institute iPS (induced pluripotent stem) core facility. She works with the leaders in the field (George Daley, Kevin Eggan, Konrad Hochedlinger and Chad Cowan) to establish new disease-specific lines for distribution to the International Scientific Community.