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Lani Asuncion

video and sculpture artist

Lani Asuncion uses video, performance, sculpture, and the flora in conjunction with technology to survey how disparately cultures meet and mix to negotiate experiences of loss, transformation, and belonging. Storytelling is at the core of her practice, by using her body and the camera she is able to navigate landscapes and recall personal stories that are constructed into abstract narratives used to explore her identity as a multicultural, biracial womxn. Blending digital media with elements of nature Asuncion constructs interactive environments, like that in her [HUMAN GARDEN](https://laniasuncion.com/human-garden) series to present alternative perspectives on conversations around green spaces and urbanization. Finding ways to use her work as a way to connect people to their natural world through technology. See her work on [Vimeo](https://vimeo.com/laniasuncion ) and [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/lani.asuncion/?hl=en) .