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Kip Tiernan

founder, Rosie's Place, 2005 Nobel Peace Prize

She arrived in Boston in her early 20's and embarked on a career in advertising, writing direct mail programs and TV commercials. She began writing articles for the "Catholic Left" which appeared in *The Boston Globe*, *The Phoenix* and *Boston After Dark*. In the 60's she discovered St. Philips/Warwick House, a Boston based Catholic civil rights and anti war movement ministry. On Easter Sunday in 1974, Kip founded Rosie's Place, the country's first drop-in emergency shelter for women. Today, Rosie's Place has evolved from providing shelter, to offering solutions. In addition to founding Rosie's Place, Kip was a founder of the Boston Food Bank, the Boston Women's Fund, and Healthcare for the Homeless. In 1980, Kip and Fran Froehlich co-founded the Poor People's United Fund and they have been working as a team ever since. In 1981 they co-founded Community Works, from 1988 to 1990 they were fellows at the Bunting Institute at Radcliffe College and from 1993 through 2002 they taught a class in Ethics, Moral Principles and Social Policy at UMASS, Boston. Kip has been the recipient of many awards and honorary degrees over the years, and today she works tirelessly, continuing to focus her energies on eliminating the root causes of poverty. She continues to work closely with the Board of Directors and staff at Rosie's Place, and with Fran Froehlich, continues as Co-Director of Poor People's United Fund. Kip is a founding member of the Ethical Policy Project.