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Kellian Adams Pletcher

CEO and Mastermind, Green Door Labs

Kellian Adams Pletcher loves green doors. She loves doors of any sort, in fact, because they often lead to something interesting. As the CEO and Mastermind of Green Door Labs, Kellian works with some of the most interesting doors in the world: those that lead into museums, libraries and informal education spaces. Previously Institutional Mastermind at SCVNGR, Kellian’s background is in location-based gaming and education technology. She has worked as a senior producer on a number of education games with great organizations including the Met, the Smithsonian, and the Marshmallow Fluff Festival, and she is a mentor at [LearnLaunch](http://learnlaunch.com/accelerator/mentors/kellian-adams-pletcher/ "LearnLaunch Kellian Adams Pletcher"), a Boston-based organization dedicated to expanding education technology.