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Keith Lee Morris


K eith Lee Morris is the author of a novel and an anthology of short action as well as numer- ous short stories appearing in various journals. Morris is also a professor of creative writing at Clemson University and, presently, the only tenured member of the creative writing staff. Morris' two books to date, The Greyhound God (novel, 2003) and The Best Seats in the House and Other Stories (short story collection, 2004), were both published by the University of Nevada Press and have each received favorable reviews. Of The Greyhound God, fellow author Brock Clarke remarks that the book is smart, heartbreaking, funny, full of big ideas and dangerous because of it. Along with these two books, Morris has published short stories in New Stories from the South, The Sun, Ninth Letter, and The New England Review among many others. Morris recently won the Eudora Welty Prize in fiction by the Southern Review, published at the Louisiana State University. Morris is also fiction editor of The South Carolina Review. Currently, Morris is in the process of finishing yet another novel and of course, more short stories. ------ Morris received his MFA in Writing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.He is currently an Associate Professor in creative writing in the Clemson University English Department.