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Karen Kahn


Captain Karen M. Kahn has been actively involved in aviation for more than 35 years. She holds all ratings through ATP and was the first woman to be type-rated on the Lockheed JetStar. Her other ratings include flight engineer, seaplane, glider, helicopter, helicopter instrument, and master certificated (MCPI) flight instructor for both instruments and multiengine. Prior to starting her airline career in 1977, she instructed at Sierra Academy of Aeronautics (Oakland, CA) and later ran her own accelerated weekend ground school. At the present time, she's a Boeing 757/767 captain for a major US air carrier and has flown the Boeing 727, DC-10 and MD-80 on both domestic and international routes. She's a frequent speaker at pilot seminars as well as career and communication workshops. She has also written for various aviation publications, including AIR Inc.'s *Air Line Pilot Careers magazine*, AOPA's *Flight Training magazine*,* Flying Careers magazine*, *Woman Pilot*, and *International Women Pilots/99s News magazines*. Karen specializes in helping pilots improve their flying and communication skills. She founded Aviation Career Counseling in 1989 to help pilots save time and money in their quest for a professional pilot's career. ACC offers personalized counseling for pilots of all experience levels, from people with zero flying time to retiring airline captains who want to continue flying professionally after their mandated retirement age.