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Justin Stelter


Justin Stelter has always had his hands in the dirt. From his early years of playing with Tonka trucks in his parents' garden to planting heirloom peonies last spring at Historic Carnton Plantation, he remains a hands-on gardener. Justin has spent his entire working career, both sides of his university years, within a garden. In July of 2003 he became head gardener at Historic Carnton Plantation. This garden is reconstructed from the bones of the original 1847 kitchen/ornamental garden and its evolution from 1847 through 1869. While head gardener, Justin has installed one of the largest historic daffodil displays in the country, a species hosta collection, and is currently installing an heirloom peony collection consisting of varieties available prior to 1869. He is a member of The American Horticultural Society, Southern Garden History Society, American Rose Society, Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society, Middle Tennessee Daylily Society, Middle Tennessee Hosta Society, Nashville Rose Society and the Tennessee Native Plant Society. He is also the co-editor with Robert Hicks and John Bohlinger of *A Guitar and a Pen*. Currently, he is editing a guide to historic gardens in North America.