What matters to you.

Julie Cannon


Hill Street Press published my *Truelove & Homegrown Tomatoes* in the spring of 2001. It became a southern best seller and they then sold the paperback rights to Simon & Schuster, who released that in August of 2003. Simon & Schuster also bought all the rights to my second novel, *Mater Biscuit*, which became book #2 in what Simon & Schuster calls the Homegrown series. *Mater Biscuit* hit the book shelves in April of 2004, and eager to preserve my recollections of a way of life that's quickly evaporating, I sat down and wrote book #3, *Those Pearly Gates*, released in September 2005. The Homegrown series has become for me a celebration of the gifts of my rural southern heritage. My fourth novel to be published, a stand-alone tale called *The Romance Readers' Book Club*, Penguin-Plume, December 18, 2007, is actually the second novel I started. It was tucked safely away while I wrote the second and third novels in the Homegrown series. Currently I am finishing up my fifth novel, tentatively titled *Judas That I Was*. My first literary journey "off the farm", it is set in my childhood hometown of Athens, Georgia.