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Josue D. Sakata

Assistant Director of History and Social Studies, Boston Public Schools

Josue D. Sakata is the Assistant Director of History and Social Studies for Boston Public Schools. He joined Boston Public Schools in the fall of 2014; previously he was a Curriculum Support Specialist for Miami-Dade County Public Schools' Education Transformation Office, where he oversaw social studies instruction and provided coaching and support to schools. Sakata holds a bachelor's degree from Florida International University and a master's degree in Guidance and Counseling from The Union Institute and University. He is one of the creators of Boston Public Schools' [online resource project](https://sites.google.com/a/bostonpublicschools.org/desegregation/home/teachers "Boston Busing and Desegregation Resources") intended to help teachers introduce the Boston busing and public school desegregation crisis of 1974 to 1988 to students.