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Jonathan Hinthorne

musician, composer, corps member, City Year

Jon started playing the piano at the age of 4, an age when his feet could not reach the pedals of the piano. Required to take at least two years of piano lessons by his mother, he realized early that he would continue beyond those two beginning years. From age 4 till age 12, Jon took formal lessons in the Suzuki and John Schwam methods before taking a break from piano lessons due to a heavy school and sports schedule. During his Freshman year at a small private school in St. Louis, MO, Jon wrote his first, original, solo piano composition. This piece was written in a modified-Sonata style and still is one of Jon's favorite pieces. It is a short, simple, and vibrant piece of music that received the title track honors of his first album ("Progressions Through Time"). Before he knew it, he had 18 original compositions which became his first album, "Progressions Through Time" (2003). While at a small private Liberal Arts college in southern Illinois, he wrote the music for and recorded his second album, "Elation" (2005), and "Leaving The Vertical World" (2007). He received a double major in Spanish and History from Principia College while at the same time having three self-produced original, solo-piano albums. Jon spends his time teaching in Boston, MA where he is currently working on the music for his fourth album (release date TBD). Playing the piano and writing music is something that makes Jon who he is. He is grateful to have the opportunity to share it with people all across the globe. He has sold albums in almost all of the 50 U.S. states and in the countries of: Japan, South Korea, England, Australia, Peru, Mexico, Spain, and France. [Source: http://jonhinthorne.squarespace.com/]