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Jonathan Dyer

managing editor, The World

Jonathan Dyer has worked on Public Radio International's *The World* since 1998, first as News Editor and, from the following year, as Managing Editor. In his current role he oversees editorial direction, staffing, resource allocation, and new media strategy. In his time with the program it has won numerous awards including an RTNDA Edward R. Murrow award for its website, theworld.org. Since joining the BBC more than 20 years ago, Jonathan has held a number of positions. He has worked as a producer and editor on the daily *World Service* program, *Newshour*; produced special coverage of elections in the UK, the United States, and France; been a reporter and producer for several BBC Radio documentaries (for which he travelled - literally - around the world); and overseen European news coverage for the BBC's domestic radio news network, Radio Five Live. Jonathan has also undertaken some hosting duties on the *World Service* and *Five Live*. At the time of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the first Gulf War Jonathan spent time on loan to National Public Radio where he acted as the producer in its London bureau, coordinating coverage between Washington and correspondents in the field. More recently, Jonathan played a key role in the creation of *The Takeaway*, the morning drive radio program co-produced with PRI, WNYC, WGBH, the BBC and *The New York Times*. He first worked on the program's concept development in 2004 and became its acting Managing Editor in 2007, prior to the program's launch the following year. Jonathan returned to *The World* in January. "What I love about making a daily radio show," Jonathan says "is that you never know what each day will bring. Whether it's that exciting late breaking story, or a great little creative production touch that one of the team dreams up, or a moving personal tale found by one of our correspondents, no single day comes anything close to routine."