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John Hodgman

writer, actor

Before he went on television, John Hodgman was a humble writer, expert, and Former Professional Literary Agent living in New York City. In this capacity, he has served as the Humor Editor for *The New York Times Magazine*, Occasional Flight vs. Invisibility Consultant on *This American Life*, Advice Columnist for McSweeney's, Comic Book Reviewer for *The New York Times Book Review*, and a Freelance Journalist specializing in Food, Non-Wine Alcohol, *Battlestar Galactica*, and most other subjects. This was enough of a career for any human. But then he wrote a book of Complete World Knowledge entitled *The Areas of My Expertise* and was asked to appear on *The Daily Show with Jon Stewart*, where he continues to provide commentary as the show's Resident Expert. Now, at 37, he has unexpectedly become a Famous Minor Television Personality, appearing as the "PC" in a series of television ads for Apple brand computers, and accepting guest roles as "the person wearing glasses" in a variety of films and TV shows, including *Battlestar Galactica*, a show he once wrote about as a journalist. John has followed up *The Areas of My Expertise* with *More Information Than You Require*, which comes out in paperback this fall. Like its predecessor, *More Information Than You Require* contains all sorts of useful information on ridding your house of annoying pests, hints for winning at the gambling table, famous animal acts, useful recipes, the mole-men and their hideous steeds, the US Presidents and their hideous steeds, everything that happened before today, and sundry more facts of scientific, social and historical merit, all of which are made up.