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Jesse Howes

clinician, Children's Trauma Recovery Foundation

Jesse is the Playmaking Program Director of Project Joy and the Assistant Director of the Children's Trauma Recovery Foundation. He received an undergraduate degree in psychology at Umass Boston and a master's degree in education with a focus on at-risk child development and intervention theory at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He has been working with young children and teachers with Project Joy in the Metro-Boston are for the past eight years. Jesse's responsibilities with the organization include recruiting teachers, coordinating logistics, and training for the Project Joy retreats. He also conducts research regarding the impact of stress on children and the healthy benefits of play. Having grown up in and around Boston, Jesse is an avid local sports fan. His mother claims he was reading the "Football Notes" section of the Sunday Globe at the early age of 6. Jesse is reigning champion of his fantasy football league and is thankful for the prowess of Bill Belichick and the strength of the 07' Red Sox starting rotation. He is a lover of music and you might see him playing loudly while riding through the city or dancing at on of his favorite night spots.