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Jesa Damora

Principal, FunnelCake Marketing

Jesa Damora runs [FunnelCake Marketing](https://funnelcakemarketing.com/) , an arts marketing and business development consulting firm, out of Somerville’s Artisan’s Asylum. Her clients include artists of all stripes. She also provides arts event development and execution (TED talks, Somerville Open Studios). She offers curation services, helps with crowd-sourced funding, develops publicity campaigns, and she gives arts marketing presentations and workshops in Boston and in Brooklyn. She produced a long-running vlog/TV show on the arts, was the executive director of a consortium for the US Department of Energy, a championship speedskater, and is a recovering architect. As an artist, she specializes in enormous graphite drawings on Mylar that are about the wildness in both nature and ourselves that we think we have tamed.