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Jerome Ringo

board chairman, National Wildlife Federation

Jerome Ringo is a dedicated champion of environmental justice and vocal advocate of clean energy. He has firsthand experience with environmental challenges we are facing, after having worked for more than 20 years in Louisiana's petrochemical industry. Jerome spent most of his career as an active union member working with his fellow members to secure a safe work environment and quality jobs. Jerome's experience organizing environmental and labor communities and his drive to further diversify the environmental movement bridges many partners creating a broad based coalition that provides real solutions for our energy crisis. *Ebony* magazine named Jerome Ringo one of the most influential African Americans for 2006 in its April issue. Jerome Ringo was also highlighted in the May issue of *Urban Influence Magazine* as one of the Top Ten African American Influences in the country. Jerome is now the Immediate Past Chairman for the National Wildlife Federation. Jerome Ringo was the United States only black delegate at the 1998 Global Warming Treaty Negotiations in Kyoto, Japan. In addition to being present during Kyoto Treaty Negotiations, Ringo represented the National Wildlife Federation at the United Nations' conference on sustainable development in 1999.