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Jeffrey Rosenblum

executive director, LivableStreets Alliance

Mr. Rosenblum has 15 years experience in research, consulting, training & education, public policy, and community advocacy at the intersection of environment, business, and community engagement. For the past two years, he has focused on conducting a needs assessment for the creation of an advocacy group focusing on improving urban life in Boston by improving transportation options beyond the tradition use of the automobile. He is co-founder and Executive Director of the LivableStreets Alliance. As part of this effort, he launched a Boston-focused bicycle advocacy group, "Boston Bicycle Planning Initiative," in November 2004 in response to an opportunity to bring together a cohesive presentation at a City Council hearing. He consults part-time with the Cadmus Group in Watertown, MA, conducting training programs and provided consultation for USAID (US Agency for International Development) and UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) on Cleaner Production programs (i.e., pollution prevention), environmentally sound design, and environmental impact assessment (mostly in Africa and Asia Near East).