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Jeffrey Howe

contributing editor, Wired Magazine

Jeffrey Howe is a contributing editor at *Wired Magazine*, where he covers the media and entertainment industry, among other subjects. In June of 2006 he published "The Rise of Crowdsourcing" in *Wired*. He has continued to cover the phenomenon in his blog, crowdsourcing.com, and published a book on the subject for Crown Books in September 2008. Before coming to *Wired* he was a senior editor at Inside.com and a writer at *The Village Voice*. In his 15 years as a journalist he has traveled around the world working on stories ranging from the impending water crisis in Central Asia to the implications of gene patenting. He has written for *Time*, *U.S. News & World Report*, *The Washington Post*, *Mother Jones* and numerous other publications. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Alysia Abbott, their daughter Annabel Rose and son Phineas and a miniature black lab named Clementine. This fall he began a one-year Neiman Fellowship at Harvard University.