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Jefferson Tester

former director, MIT Energy Laboratory

Jefferson W. Tester received a Ph.D. from MIT in 1971 and did post-doctoral research at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Tester served as director of MIT's Energy Laboratory for 12 years and was director of MIT's School of Chemical Engineering Practice Program for 10 years. His research focuses on energy and environmental issues. Specific topics include kinetics and phase equilibria in hydrothermal and supercritical water, molecular thermodynamics in water-hydrocarbon-salt systems, chemical synthesis in supercritical solvents, advanced rock drilling methods, and fuel upgrading and biomass conversion. He has co-authored more than 180 scientific papers and 9 books including major textbooks on graduate-level thermodynamics and sustainable energy and has received five awards for outstanding teaching. Tester is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Chemical Society, the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, and the Geothermal Resources Council. He has served as an advisor to the United States Department of Energy, Defense Science Board, and the National Research Council. He is the chair of the National Advisory Council of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and chair of the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust. Tester also serves on scientific advisory boards for the American Council on Renewable Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. He is on the editorial board of *the Journal of Supercritical Fluids*.