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James Matthews

Clinical Fellow, Suffolk University

**James Matthews** is a graduate of Suffolk University Law School. He currently works as a Clinical Fellow in Suffolk Law’s Accelerator Practice where he supervises law students in eviction and other landlord-tenant matters. Attorney Matthews has over ten years of experience working with tenants on eviction cases. Prior to law school, he was employed by the North Shore Community Action Programs (NSCAP) in Peabody, MA, where he worked with the agency’s staff attorney to assist low-income tenants facing eviction, discrimination, and termination or denial of subsidized housing. At NSCAP, he also worked in conjunction with Neighborhood Legal Services to operate a Lawyer for a Day Program in the Lynn and Salem sessions of the Northeast Housing Court. During law school, he continued advocating for at-risk tenants through a Summer Fellowship at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau and as a student attorney in Suffolk Law School’s Housing Clinic. While at Suffolk, Attorney Matthews received the Dean’s Public Citizenship Award and the John E. Fenton, J. Public Service Award.