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James Engell

chair, English and American Literature, Harvard

Professor Engell's interests center mainly upon British literature from 1660 to 1830, comparative Romanticism, criticism and critical theory, and German and English literature from 1750 to 1830. Representative publications include *Forming the Critical Mind: Dryden to Coleridge* (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1989); *Coleridge: The Early Family Letters* (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994); T*he Committed Word: Literature and Public Values* (Penn State Press, 1999); and *"Romantische Poesie: Richard Hurd and Friedrich Schlegel," in Archiv fur das Studium der neuren Sprachen und Literaturen (1993): 6-17 and Saving Higher Education in the Age of Money* (University of Virginia Press, 2005).