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James Breeden

James P. Breeden was born October 14, 1934, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and graduated from Dartmouth in 1956. He attended Union Theological Seminary in New York and was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church in 1960. He received his doctorate from Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1972. Dean Breeden's career has spanned civil rights activism, education, and the ministry; this collection of his papers places heavy emphasis on his activities in two of these areas, civil rights and education. He was appointed Dean of the Tucker Foundation in 1984. James Breeden's interest in civil rights activism began in 1961, when he was arrested in Jackson, Mississippi while seeking restaurant service in a local bus terminal. He has worked with several civil rights organizations, including the Episcopal Society for Racial and Cultural Unity (ESCRU) to fight racial discrimination within the Episcopal Church. Breeden's role as Executive Director of the Citywide Coordinating Council in Boston brought him into the heart of the turbulent struggle over desegregation of the public schools in that city. Since coming to the College, Dean Breeden has been active and outspoken in the anti-apartheid movement on the campus and in the nation.