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J.L. Bell

Massachusetts writer and author

J. L. Bell is a writer specializing in the history of Revolutionary New England. He contributed a chapter on how Boston youth became involved in politics in the New York University Press volume *Children in Colonial America*, and had published articles on colonial boys’ journal-writing, town watchmen at the Boston Massacre, and how Boston celebrated the 5th of November. He is heading a historic resource study for the National Park Service on Gen. George Washington’s command of the Continental Army during the siege of Boston in 1775-76. Bell has given talks about the American Revolution at many historic sites, including the Old State House, Old South Meeting-House, Minute Man National Historical Park, Boston National Historical Park, Paul Revere House, and Longfellow National Historic Site (Washington’s Headquarters). He was historical consultant for an episode of *History Detectives* which led to a new display at Minute Man National Historical Park. and is preparing a book about what the British troops were searching for in Concord. He is the author of “_The Road to Concord: How Four Stolen Cannon Ignited the Revolutionary War_.”