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Irvine Welsh


Irvine Welsh was born in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. When *Trainspotting* was published in 1993 Irvine Welsh shot to fame. Since Danny Boyle's film adaptation of *Trainspotting* was released in February 1996 Irvine Welsh has remained a controversial figure, whose novels, stage and screen plays, novellas and short stories have proved difficult for literary critics to assimilate, a difficulty made only more noticeable by Welsh's continued commercial success. More books have followed, *Ecstasy* becoming the first paperback original to go straight in at No1 on *the Sunday Times* best-sellers list, a feat emulated by *Filth*, which became Welsh's highest selling book after *Trainspotting*. His first novel has now sold almost 1 million copies in the UK alone and is a worldwide phenomenon. Books such as *Glue*, *Porno* and recent *The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs* have seen him increase his profile in America and Canada. He has recently branched into film and is a partner in two film production companies. He joined Four Ways films, which was founded by Antonia Bird, Robert Carlyle and Mark Cousins, and has recently set up Jawbone films with his screenwriting partner Dean Cavanagh, and Phil John and Jon Lewis Owen.