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Hue-Tam Ho Tai

professor, Sino-vietnamese history, Harvard

Hue-Tam Ho Tai is Harvard University's Kenneth T. Young Professor of Sino-vietnamese History. Her specialty is the social and cultural history of modern Vietnam. Her current work is on public memory and public history; the famine of 1945 in northern Vietnam as experience and memory; telling lives: biography and autobiography. Her publications include: "Remembered Realms: Pierre Nora and French National Memory" in *The American Historical Review* (2001), *The Country of Memory, Remaking the Past in Late Socialist Vietnam* (2001), "Representing the Past in Vietnamese Museums" in *Curator* (1998), "Monumental Ambiguity: the State Commemoration of Ho Chi Minh" in *Essays into Vietnamese Pasts* (1995), *Radicalism and the Origins of the Vietnamese Revolution* (1992), and *Millenarianism and Peasant Politics in Vietnam* (1983).