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Howard Koh

associate dean, public health practice, Harvard

Dr. Howard Koh is the Harvey V. Fineberg Professor of the Practice of Public Health, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, and Director of the Division of Public Health Practice at the Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Koh graduated from Yale College and the Yale University School of Medicine. He has earned board certification in four medical fields (internal medicine, hematology, medical oncology, and dermatology) as well as a Master of Public Health degree. Then, at Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health, he was Professor of Dermatology, Medicine, and Public Health. After being appointed Commissioner of Public Health for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dr. Koh served and led the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. In this capacity, he emphasized the power of prevention and strengthened the state's commitment to eliminating health disparities. Dr. Koh has received numerous awards and honors for his interdisciplinary accomplishments in medicine and public health. President Bill Clinton appointed Dr. Koh to the National Cancer Advisory Board (2000-2002). In addition, Dr. Koh has received the Drs. Jack E. White/LaSalle D. Leffall Cancer Prevention Award from the American Association for Cancer Research and the Intercultural Cancer Council, the Dr. Harold P. Freeman Lectureship Award, and the Distinguished Service Award from the American Cancer Society. Dr. Koh is Chair of the Board of Scientific Counselors for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Coordinating Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response. .