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Howard Burton

director, chief architect, Perimeter Institute

Since its inception in 1999, Howard Burton has led the development of Perimeter Institute, an international centre of fundamental theoretical physics research with a strong educational outreach mandate. The Institute's present research orientation is focused on quantum information theory, foundations of quantum theory, superstring theory and quantum gravity and is currently establishing additional research groups in cosmology and particle physics. In the capacity of executive director, reporting to the Board and interacting with the Scientific Advisory Committee, Howard oversees all aspects of the research and outreach mandates. In addition, he is responsible for recruiting top thinkers from around the world to Waterloo - where they are able to pursue their scientific research in a dynamic, co-operative atmosphere and push our current understanding of space, time, matter and information. Howard initiated the educational outreach initiatives including popular monthly public lectures with average audiences of 500+, the International Summer School for Young Physicists which attracts high school students from around the world, the annual Einstein Plus National Teachers' Workshop, as well as numerous student and teacher seminars held on location across the country. With the move into the Institute's new, award winning building, the Outreach program has expanded to include Event Horizons, an ambitious agenda of top quality musical and cultural events throughout the arts and sciences that appeal to an even broader community. Over the last few months, Howard has appeared on CBC Radio and Television, CTV News, and TVOntario in addition to various international media including CNN International. He contributed a regular column to *The Kitchener-Waterloo Record* and has been published in various other media, including a recent article in *Canadian Architect*.