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Hannah Joy Gebresilassie

Hannah Joy Gebresilassie Emory Votes Initiative, Program Coordinator Center for Civic and Community Engagement , Emory University Emory Votes: campuslife.emory.edu/vote hannah.joy.gebresilassie@emo

Hannah Joy Gebresilassie is an award-winning journalist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur hailing from Atlanta, GA with 10+ years of experience in media and community organizing. Her work has been featured in several local, national and international news outlets. She previously worked as a television reporter and anchor, and currently serves as the first-time permanent program coordinator for Emory Votes Initiative which is housed in the Center for Civic and Community Engagement. She is also the cofounder and executive director of Protect the Vote, a nonpartisan voter mobilization organization in Georgia. Hannah is a proud alumnus of Georgia State University, Georgia Tech and Northwestern University, where she earned her master’s degree in journalism. She is passionate about storytelling and community building.