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Gustavo Santaolalla

musician, folk, rock en espanol

Argentine native Gustavo Santaolalla was a diehard folk musician until he heard the sounds of rock n' roll. Since then Santaolalla's music career has run on dual paths that often intersect. As producer of rock en espanol, Santaolalla pushed his groups to incorporate native music into their presentations. It is a formula that works for Cafe Tacuba, Molotov, and Maldita Vecindad, regarded as some of the most innovative and successful acts in the business. But there's more to Santaolalla than rock & roll, the accomplished musician's latest album Ronroco was widely praised, as was his score for the hit films *Amores Perros*, *21 Grams* and *The Motorcycle Diaries*. Santaolalla also received an Oscar for the score of *Brokeback Mountain*. Photo courtesy of Tanit Sakakini.