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Gretchen Rubin

founder, The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin’s most recent book is *The Happiness Project*, and she is also the author of *Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill*; *Forty Ways to Look at JFK*; *Power Money Fame Sex: A User’s Guide*; and *Profane Waste*. Her daily blog, The Happiness Project, appears on *Slate* and the *Huffington Pos*t and ranks in the Technorati “Top 2K.” There, she recounts her adventures and insights as she grapples with the challenges of how to be happier. She also blogs for RealSimple.com. Rubin has talked to Matt Lauer on *Today* and to Brian Lamb on *Booknotes*, and she has been profiled in *The New Yorker’s* “Talk of the Town” and Psychology Today. She has also been featured on such radio shows as the *Leonard Lopate Show*, *Talk of the Nation*, and *Voice of America*. Rubin is a graduate of Yale and Yale Law School. Raised in Kansas City, she currently lives in New York City with her husband and two young daughters.