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Gladys Rodriguez-Parker

district dir, McGovern, D-MA

Gladys Rodriguez-Parker is the District Director for U.S. Representative James P. McGovern (3rd. Congressional District), and was recently also given the title of Director of Community and Intergovernmental Relations. She is the first Latino woman to hold such a post in Massachusetts. Born in Westfield, she spent her youth in Puerto Rico until age 12, when she moved to South Boston and lived in the D-Street projects. She later moved with her family to Worcester, attended Worcester's public schools and became involved in community service projects. She has lived in Worcester since her youth and is known for her passion working on behalf of her community and Latino issues. A tireless worker, Ms. Rodriguez-Parker was one of the founding members of the Worcester Working Coalition for Latino Students (WWCLS) and has been a relentless advocate on behalf of educational equity. Her work with the WWCLS has focused in the areas of communication, community organizing, and development. She has been an invaluable advocacy resource for the Latino Education Institute at the Massachusetts State House. Her credibility and passion for community issues has made her one of the most respected community activists in the City of Worcester. Ms. Rodriguez Parker earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in history and political science and a master's degree in human services management from Worcester State College. She has also studied at the Women in Higher Education Leadership Institute of Wellesley College. Ms. Rodriguez-Parker has served on the boards of many non-profit organizations. She has substantial experience in the management of non-profit agencies.