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Geoffrey Dembicki

Investigative Journalist and author of "The Petroleum Papers"

Geoff Dembicki is an investigative climate change journalist based in Brooklyn. He is a frequent contributor to The Guardian and VICE and his work has been featured in NPR, the Washington Post and the Nation. His new book _The Petroleum Papers: Inside the Far-Right Conspiracy to Cover Up Climate Change_, was named one of the 2022's top 10 books by the Washington Post and was a finalist for the 2022 Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction. He is also the author of _Are We Screwed? How a New Generation is Fighting to Survive Climate Change_, which won the 2018 Green Prize for Sustainable Literature and the 2017 Dave Greber Freelance Writers Award. He is a regular contributor to VICE and The Tyee and his work has also appeared in outlets such as The New York Times, the Guardian, the Atlantic, Mashable and Penthouse. A magazine feature he wrote for Foreign Policy entitled “_The Convenient Disappearance of Climate Change Denial in China_” won the 2018 Energy of Words Media Contest, an international media award given out by the Global Energy Association.