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Fred Krupp

president, Environmental Defense

In his 24 years as head of Environmental Defense Fund, Fred Krupp has overseen the growth of EDF from a small nonprofit with budget of $3 million into a recognized worldwide leader in the environmental movement. Krupp is widely recognized as the foremost champion of harnessing market forces for environmental ends, such as the market-based acid rain reduction plan in the 1990 Clean Air Act. Today, this approach has become the leading model for solving the problem of global warming. Krupp broke new ground by engaging American companies to lessen their impact on the environment. Strategic partnerships with McDonald's, FedEx, and DuPont, among others, have resulted in the elimination of millions of pounds of waste, the adoption of hybrid delivery vehicles, and an accord to reduce the environmental risks of nanotechnology. He also helped launch a corporate coalition, the US Climate Action Partnership, whose Fortune 500 members Alcoa, BP, Caterpillar, GE and dozens more have called for strict limits on global warming pollution. Krupp is coauthor, with Miriam Horn, of the *New York Times* best seller, *Earth: The Sequel The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming*, published in March 2008 by W.W. Norton.