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Fred Barzyk

president, Creative Television Associates, Inc.

Fred Barzyk is President of Creative Television Associates, Inc., a Boston-based television production company. He has produced and directed television programs for PBS, HBO, NBC, ABC, and CBS. He was awarded the Venice Film Award in 1985 for best Television Director Worldwide for his HBO drama, Countdown to Looking Glass. Other awards include two ACE awards, three national EMMY'S, and a Peabody Award for the drama Tender Places. Mr. Barzyk is also noted for his experimental work - the first double channel TV drama (two home TV's and two broadcast channels were needed for viewing), the first interactive TV drama for Qube, and the first Video Art work. He was the director of the WGBH New Television Workshop for more than 10 years. Many of the artists and video works associated with the Workshop are now part of the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum, Museum of Modern Art, and several museums in Europe and the Pacific. Two retrospectives of his video work have been presented by the DeCordova Museum of Art in 1997 and the Haggerty Museum of Art, 2001.