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Frank Moretti

Columbia University

Frank Moretti is co-founder of the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, for which he provides pedagogical, strategic and managerial leadership. In addition to defining the goals and disseminating the CCNMTL message on campus, Frank serves as Professor of Communications, Computing and Technology at Teachers College. Prior to joining Teachers College, Frank served as the Associate Headmaster at the Dalton School, where he was also Executive Director of their New Laboratory for Teaching and Learning, which he co-founded in 1989, and of the internationally known Dalton Technology Plan. His many degrees include a Ph.D. in History and an M. Phil from Columbia University, an M.Ed. from Teachers College and a B.A. in Greek and Latin from St. Bonaventure University. Frank is recognized as one of America's leading theorists and practitioners in the use of digital technology in education.