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Eric Vigner

theater director

The driving force behind Vigner's theatrical approach is neither ideological, nor analytical, it is poetic. His direction acts as a luminating force shielding light on these significant writings. Eric Vigner develops a theater that questions the world, its frontiers between the people. Vigner has directed many contemporary playwrights such as Marguerite Dura's *Savannah Bay* at the Comedie-Francaise in Paris (2002) as well as at Espace Go in Montreal (2007), *The Beast in the Jungle* at the Kennedy Center in Washington (2004), and *Pluie d'ete a Hiroshima* (2006) for the 60th Avignon Festival. Vigner develops a new approach of the French classics as well: he directed Racine's *Bajazet* (Comedie-Francaise, 1995), Moliere's *Ecole des Femmes* (Comedie-Francaise, 1999), to name a few. He develops international collaborations, searching for a genuine mutual cultural transmission.